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Neighborhood Barre Classes

The perfect blend of strength training, cardio, and stretching when taking advantage of our full class offering. Learn a little more about each NB class below!

Expect to get a full-body work-out from head to pointed toe during our low-impact Barre All Levels class! 

Think small, controlled movements isolating target muscles. Then repeating those small moves until your muscle starts to get hot and shaky. Each exericse is followed by a stretch designed to lengthen your muscle while it's still hot. Transitions are quick to keep your heart rate in your working zone throughout class. 

It's low-impact because you're using your own body to create resistance. We incorporate equipment such as resistance tubes and exercise balls to increase the burn when you choose. This class is designed for you and your body. We provide modifications throughout the class to add or reduce intensity so you can work at a level that challenges you.

We also provide alternate exercises for those that are pregnant, suffering from an injury, or simply a beginner! If something doesn't feel right for you, ask us for another exercise to better suit you!

Grippy socks are optional for class, or you may work out barefoot.


Barre All Levels - 55 minutes & 45 minutes

Let's get sweaty! Get ready to pick up the pace and intensify the burn during this cardio-style class! Based off the Tabata method, this 45-minute class challenges you to give it all you've got for 20 seconds of exercise, with quick 10 second rests in-between. Like all Neighborhood Barre classes, modificaitons are provided to accommodate all fitness levels.

Hand towels are provided, and tennis shoes are optional for this class.

Barre BLAST Cardio

Get ready to take your toning to the next level. Barre FLOW is a 45 minute full-body burn thatincorporates gliding discs and focuses on functional movement.  Through the use of gliders, you can safely increase your range of motion with no impact on your joints, focusing on a deeper muscle tone, more stability, and greater core strength. This class is a great way to balance out your classic barre work by firing up your larger muscle groups and synchronizing your body to move with fluidity as one working unit.

Barre FLOW is fully modifiable for all fitness levels. We recommend you take at least one Barre All Levels class before trying FLOW. Due to the gliding discs, taking class barefoot is encouraged.


Barre FLOW

Reconnect and restore mind, body and spirit during our traditional barre class paired with the benefit of ​added yoga stretching! Expect to get the same full-body barre workout provided in our Barre All Levels class, immediately followed by deeper stretching and light yoga to further lengthen muscle tone and relieve tension. ​Total class time is one-hour. Get ready to breathe it in, and barre it out!

Barre All Levels + STRETCH 

This 45-minute class will focus on the basics of our barre method, simplifying your class experience and focusing on how to maximize your results. If you are new to our studio, interested in trying a class for the first time, or simply wanting to perfect your form and maximize your results form class, this is for you! 



Child care is available during select class times at both studios.

Child care schedules vary by location, so make sure to book your child's spot in advance online. No need to create a profile or separate account for your child, just book a spot in child care for the same class time that you're attending under the 'Child Care' tab. Or simply give us a call! Child care is complimentary with any Neighborhood Barre class package, or Class Pass clientsmay purchase $5 drop-in child care per child.

There are no age limitations, but the class size is small, so make sure to book ahead! View our child care schedule here.

Class Cancellations

​We know sometimes things happen that are out of your control. However, to avoid being charged please respect our 2-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel within 2 hours of class start time, a $5 late fee will be charged. Cancellations can be processed online or by calling the studio.  All no shows will be charged a $10 no-show fee. Thanks for making space for your neighbor at the barre!